Beautiful design and great visual content play a great part in today’s economy. It doesn’t matter in what field you specify – you might be a writer or entrepreneur wanting to sell your services or products.

The main difficulty is that hiring a competent designer might be expensive and if you run a blog or a startup, you might not want to spend too much on design. You could also try to master the most popular design software like Photoshop on your own, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

A great solution nowadays is to use online design tools. It’s a great solution to edit your photos and design amazing visuals in no time.

Take a look at this list of 15 powerful online design tools that Tomas Laurinavicius, a contributor at Forbes, came up with and start designing some beautiful little nuggets of love!

Canva is a free online platform that helps you design social media posts, covers, PDF files, presentations, invitations, business cards and much more. It is extremely easy to use and it also offers a great amount of free backgrounds and illustrations for your designs.

BeFunky is an online design tool that can be used as a photo editor, a collage maker, and a graphic design tool. The website also offers great tutorials and tips so you can create even greater designs and edit your photos more professionally.

Snappa is a creative marketing tool that can be used for various graphics, including all social media channels. It also has a direct output to Buffer (a well known online social media planning, scheduling, and posting tool).

Placeit offers more than 2500 stock photos with iPhones, tablets and other devices. What you can do, is simply use a screenshot of your new website, Facebook page or your artwork and place it into a ready to use template.

Pablo is a super simple and easy to use tool created by Buffer. The entire interface has only three main elements: a picture gallery on the left side, a graphic content area in the middle and a customization tab on the right.

Recite This
Recite This is an awesome tool for creating stylish quote images to be used for your social media posts or your blog. It is fascinatingly easy and quick to use. Simply paste your quote into the desired template that you can change into another one anytime you want.

Tiff is meant for discovering the best font for your design. It helps you see the visual difference and contrast between two fonts by layering them one on the other. It supports any system fonts and the ones from Google Fonts library.

Pictaculous is an online color palette generator. Upload an image, a graphic file or a photograph and the tool will create a color palette for you. It can be very helpful when you need to know what exact color to use for the new design of yours, or when you need to know the code of the color.

ColorZilla is an online eyedropper that comes in handy when you need to know the HEX code of a specific color. With this tool, you can also discover DOM element colors and find out many other characteristics.

Piktochart is an online tool that helps you create powerful infographics that are very popular these days. You can use over 600 free design templates. The tool also lets you create amazing presentations and printables. is an infographics tool and the main difference from the previous ones is the ability to create more interactive visuals. You can insert videos into your infographics, create interactive charts and maps.

PicMonkey is oriented to photo editing. It has similar features like Canva does, like free design elements, but it is very simplified and gives you quick results. You can create amazing collages and designs.

Pixlr is an online photo editor with over 600 visual effects, overlays, and borders. You might know the name of it because it is also available as an app for Android and iOS, but you are still free to use it as an online tool.

Before creating any design, you need a design brief. What is the purpose of the design? Who is the target audience? CreateBrief will help you with your brief. Use free design brief templates or create your own.

With Tinkercad, you can create 3D designs and graphics online. First of all, you select the shapes you want to use, then you adjust them by your desire to create a design you like. Finally, you combine the shapes and enjoy what you’ve created.

These are all great tools for entrepreneurs, bloggers, or anyone trying to come up with great visual content. I do think he missed a great one that we even use and we are Photoshop experts. Adobe Spark is a great tool for creating content for social media and even short videos.

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Content Credit: Tomas Laurinavicius